I’m super excited to start Truths Book! It’s something I have been subconsciously building for the past two years now but I didn’t know how to show it or which medium or platform to use.. until now.

For the past two years I have been writing and writing and writing all about truths, personal development, goal setting, spirituality, the universe, manifesting and all sorts of other cool things, even telekinesis and deeper levels of reality not really talked about by others.

My goal the past two years was to discover the secrets of the universe.. and I did that. I learned the deepest levels of the universe, I saw god, I channeled my guides, astral traveled, became a reiki master, learned telekinesis, learned manifesting, trauma healing, reprogramming, energetic practices and so much more it has been so much fun and I want to share what I have learned.

Throughout this process I took detailed notes, made tons of voice recordings and videos.. and I’m preparing to share the best parts in this blog! I’m so excited to share what I have learned. Most importantly though I want to share the truths that I have learned. Those are those nuggets of information that just feels good when read. That’s why I named the website truthsbook!

And so this journey begins!

By Donald

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