If you don’t know who Bashar is you’re in for a treat! I discovered Bashar early 2022 and have been drawn to him ever since. Bashar is channeled by Darryl Anka.

In a nutshell Bashar is of a hybrid species of humans (according to Bashar).

Darryl has channeled Bashar for decades at this point and the information received is so good; everything from: manifesting, how reality work, how the mind works, current events, etc. Its so interesting!

Here are a couple guided meditations from Bashar. I like them because the mantras are so empowering.

For the first five minutes simply prepare yourself to begin..

  1. Become calm quiet and relaxed..
  2. Let go of the day’s concerns..
  3. Breathe easily and deeply..


  • I am who I am for a reason
  • No insistence no resistance
  • I am an indestructible being at my core
  • The past and the future are illusions
  • Everything happens in perfect timing, I will miss nothing
  • My life is my own, no one can live it for me
  • I am unconditionally supported by creation
  • I am an expression of nature
  • I always have exactly what I need
  • I give and receive joy love and compassion
  • My life is a synchronous orchestration
  • I am free to choose

A guided meditation by Bashar

By Donald

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