I love this meditation because it just feels good! In the morning when I wake up I dedicate the first 10-20 minutes of my day to do this meditation. It increases my vibration, releases low vibrational energy, energizes my body, expands my sense of awareness and connects me to all that there is.. it’s awesome! Try it!

Note: To get the most out of this meditation find a quiet location where you will not be disturbed for 10-20 minutes. A bathroom is perfectly acceptable. You can sit or stand while you do this meditation. You can read along as you do the meditation.

In a meditative state breath deeply for a few minutes. Breath in high vibrational love light energy (all the way to your feet) and breath out low vibrational energy. As you breath out low vibrational energy, you make space for high vibrational energy to enter. Do this for several minutes to increase your vibration.

In a seated position visualize yourself as a giant tree with branches that stretch out tall towards the sun and roots that grow deep down to the center of Earth. Wrap your roots tightly around the Earth’s core.

Imagine your branches have giant leaves that are soaking up universal energy. Feel the warmth of this nourishing radiant energy flow through your body; set the intention that this energy is of the highest source.

You can imagine universal energy flowing to you from source, to your heart and deep to the core of Earth. And then from the core of Earth, to your heart, back to source where it is transmitted into pure love and light.

As energy flows to you take what you need into your heart.

You start to glow a shimmering golden color and your become as bright as the sun.

Visualize your heart becoming brighter and brighter until it overflows and fills your whole body with love light energy. Continue to visualize energy from your heart expand past your body and into your surrounding space. As you expand your energy, you give it freely to everything in your space.

Expand your energy further and imagine it encircling the whole planet. Give this universal love energy to all the people of Earth, all the animals, All the trees, all the oceans, all the forest, all of Earth.

Now expand your energy further to all the planets in the solar system, the galaxy and the Universe. Give LOVE to the entire Universe and all that it contains. Feel love from your heart expand outward and love ALL that IS.

As you give love and open your heart to ALL that is, All people, All Animals, All Planets, All Stars in the Universe you feel a deep connection to ALL that is.

Do this for several minutes.

When you are ready bring your awareness back to your body. Focus your attention on your heart. Visualize a bubble of pure love around your body. This energy radiates out in a golden shimmering glow. Give this love freely to others as you go throughout your day. As you give love to others you feel a strong connection to them. This loving energy is healing and as you freely give love (from your heart) to others they will feel it and not only will you be sending healing energy to them but to yourself as well.


  • High Vibrational Energy = High vibrational energy refers to a state of being where an individual’s energy frequency is in alignment with positivity, love, and joy.
  • Low Vibrational Energy = Low vibrational energy can be found everywhere, from people to places and even objects. It is the energy that makes us feel drained, unhappy, and unfulfilled.
  • Love / Light Energy = It’s transformative healing energy. It’s creative energy. It’s expansive. It’s the frequency of love. It’s connecting.
  • What Is Source? Source can also be referred to as Consciousness, the Universe, the Field, Energy, Life Force, Source Consciousness, Source, Energy, Prana, God, the Mind of God, or even Spirit.

By Donald

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