These are everyday practices to get you focused into the present moment, energize your body with high vibrational energy, attract all the good that you desire and remind you of your power.. let’s go!!

Getting Started

* During this time find a quiet spot for 10-15 minutes (bathroom, closet, garage); any place with 10-15 minutes of No distractions
* Turn on some meditation / relaxing music. Whatever you like that is not distracting yet gets you in a relaxing state of mind (I like binaural beats gamma wave)
* follow the practices below

Breath Work (3-minutes)

to be here and now using a practice of focusing on your breath which brings your awareness to your body; as you bring your awareness to your body feel each breath and breathe all the way to your feet. Imagine your body being filled with high vibrational energy and continue focusing on your breath as you breathe in and out.

Breathe DEEP (this brings your into the present moment)
* Sit down, Sit up straight, Breathe really deep 10-15 times. Feel grateful for the oxygen
* Intention is to create energy in the body

– focus on every breath
– bring awareness to the Here and Now
– Mantra: “I am here and now”

Practice Gratitude (2-minutes)

Gratitude is the practice of acknowledging all the good around us while also bringing us into the present moment. It’s a grounding exercises that helps us become more conscious and puts us into a positive state of mind.

I like to do this first thing in the morning to set the tone for the day and last thing at night to help me reflect on all the good that I experienced during the day. Practicing gratitude can turn what you thought was a bad day, into a good day. It’s powerful!

Instructions for Starting Your Day:
Practice Gratitude for this moment (“I am thankful / grateful for…”)
* Acknowledge all the Good in your Life: Family, Friends, Pets, Health, Fresh Air, Earth, Sun, Breeze, Etc

Instructions for Ending Your Day:
Practice Gratitude for the Day’s Events (“I am thankful / grateful for…”)
* Go over what you accomplished for this day

Increase Your Vibration (5-minutes)

This practice fills your body with high vibrational energy for the highest source. As you visualize a waterfall of energy pouring into you from the highest source and Earth (from the top of your head down to your heart and from your feet upward) it fills your heart and overfills and expands outward. Visualize this “loving” energy expanding outward all around you. As you do that your vibration increases dramatically.

Love Energy (this fills you with high vibrational energy)
* Visualize white light from the highest source pouring into you; to your crown down to your heart, continue that visualization
* Visualize white light from the center of Earth, up through your feet, filling your heart with high vibrational energy, continue that visualization
* Feel the energy fill you up
* Think of all the things you love
* As your heart fills with this energy let it overflow within you and expand outward

Give Love (this opens up energy centers and connects you to All that is)
* As this energy expands outward visualize sending this energy to everything around you, to others, to pets, to plants, to trees, to Earth, Etc.
* Continue expanding and sending this love energy outward
* Keep visualizing constant incoming energy
* Do this for 5 minutes

Visualize and Set the Intention for the Day

After doing the exercise above your vibration is high –  This is the BEST time to set your intention for the day

* Think of the things you want to accomplish today…
* Express gratitude and Visualize that everything will work out as expected and in your favor
* As you expect good things, that is what you will experience. 
* Anything that happens to you today, assume it’s working out in your favor. 
* Even though it may not seem so initially, just have faith that the universe is working in your favor. 
* Look for the synchronicities today. Listen for intuitive impulses you receive (those good ideas)
* And take action.

By Donald

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