People are funny. They have no idea how they work, how others work or how reality works.

5D Earth is a brand name. It sounds cool.

In reality Earth is both heaven and hell. It has everything already.

Let me tell you a secret, while you can’t change the Earth you’re on you can change your perspective and shift to the type of Earth that you more readily prefer.. if you want.

Now here’s the secret, empower yourself. Your reality is a reflection of your thoughts, which comes from your beliefs. And your beliefs are supported by reality because that’s what it does. Whatever you accept as your truth, reality will show you evidence of that and confirm your assumptions. No matter what it is, if you believe it strong enough with absolute no doubt reality will with time shift to prove you right.

So what are you believing about reality? About others and yourself? Guess what? You’re right and reality is showing that to you.

The new way of thinking is consciously choosing what to believe and empowering yourself with beliefs that support the reality in which you prefer and dropping all the limiting ones. As you do that your reality starts to shift and show you that if you can stay in that energy and stay focused on what you say you want.

It starts at the beliefs which create your thoughts and then what you focus on you see.

It’s not rocket science but it’s not easy when you are distracted with survival or fear based media or all the hundreds of other distractions that all work to focus your attention on lack, limitation and suffering.

Only those out of that system of control can do it unfortunately. And that’s why you see a history of enlightened kings and queens or rich enough people who no longer had to work in the system.

Get rich, get out and wake up.

By Donald

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