Objective: You want high awareness of both sides the ‘light’ and the ‘dark’. The reason for this is because if all you’re aware of is the light, then you are blind to what is in the dark. And if all you focus on is the dark, then you are blind to the light. What if there was middle ground where you could be aware of both sides the light and dark and then consciously choose which you prefer to experience? Well there is! It’s the middle-point or neutral.

The idea is to DWELL in the middle-point or neutral and choose which perspective to experience based on your wants and desires. This is KEY in reality creation.

Why is being neutral controversial? It’s not a normal behavior. In all aspects of life you are urged to pick a side: the right, the left, which religion to follow, which sports team to root for, etc. It’s a standard practice to pick a side, right? Often as children we are brought up indoctrinated into ideas that program our mind to give automatic meaning to situations. And to be neutral is going against society norms. What people don’t realize is that when you pick a side you often become blind to other perspectives which limits your awareness.

A great example are those who focus on nothing but ‘LOVE AND LIGHT‘ to the point where they don’t see the world crumbling around them.. this was an issue for me for a short while until the stress built up within me (my internal emotional) and let me know I will missing something..

I could not see the source of that stress because I BLINDED myself with love a light. The moment I started asking myself ‘what are my pain points? what is the problem? why do I have these negative emotions?’ and I earnestly shifted my attention to these negative emotions, negative thoughts, negative feelings that was calling out to me, that’s when I was able to SEE them and resolve them.. It was period toxic positivity to the point where I was blind and it was hurting me. Do you know someone who can relate to that?

If you come from a negative perspective, and that’s all you focus on, then it’s hard to see all the good around you and because of that all you see is bad.

Most people don’t realize you get more of what you focus on. You see what you focus on. And you do not see what you do not focus on. If all your focus is on the good, you only experience the good. If all you focus on is the bad, you only experience the bad. However if you choose from moment to moment which aspect you wish to focus on, you are taking your power back and consciously creating your reality.

Firstly, let’s gain awareness of ALL aspects of the light and dark by answering these questions (select a few to answer):

  • What are my pain points in life right now?
  • What are my negative feelings trying to tell me?
  • What is holding me back from doing it?
  • What are my fears about doing it?
  • Why haven’t I done it yet?
  • What feels bad?
  • I feel I don’t have time or space for it because…
  • What I need is…
  • What am I not seeing right now?
  • What do I need to see and know right now?
  • What am I grateful for in my life right now?
  • What is going well in my life right now?
  • What have I accomplished recently?

Once you have gained more awareness use these prompts to bring you to the center point between light and dark, back to the middle where you can choose from moment to moment how you label situations and circumstances to best service:

  • I am grateful to be aware of what I need to know in this moment and with this new found awareness I use it as a motivating factor to create the life I choose
  • I dwell in openness, love and connection to all things, all people, all experiences from a neutral perspective
  • I understand that nothing has built in meaning and that everything is inherently neutral.
  • I have the power to choose the meaning I give situations, circumstances, events and whatever meaning I assign, I experience
  • If everything is neutral and has no built in meaning, I can can assign any meaning I choose and whatever meaning I give it, I get back
  • If I have a negative experience I can ask myself: What meaning am I giving the situation? How does this serve me?
  • And if it no longer serves me I can ask: How can I give it a more positive meaning that can benefit me instead?
  • If I want a positive outcome I have the power to give things positive meaning
  • I assume the positive and in doing so, I can only receive a positive outcomes
  • From moment to moment I create my reality by assign the meaning to my experiences that best serve me; if it no longer servers me then I can choose a different meaning
  • Every situation can serve double meaning, positive or negative.
  • As I use all my experiences in a positive way I effortlessly move towards that which I prefer and away from that which I do not prefer
  • When I experience the same situation but have a different outcome that is when I know I have changed.

Note: The middle point allows you to see both sides and choose what best serves you from moment to moment. At any time you can decide to drop perspectives that no longer serve you and adopt a more meaningful perspective. It’s in this choosing that you are consciously creating your realty.

Other Questions to increase your Awareness:

  • What if I did it?
  • How would I feel if I did it?
  • How would life change?
  • What am I waiting for?
  • What if instead of waiting I did it now?
  • What if the worst happened?
  • What if the best outcome happened?
  • Is my fear rational?
  • Is there a better perspective to look at it?
  • If I had no fear, what would I want to do?
  • What are my feelings telling me?

I hope that helped you!

By Donald

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