Let’s go!! This morning I’m joining a friend for a Tai Chi class we found on Meetup. Last weekend we went and I found my flexibility wasn’t that great so I started working on that (by doing yoga); so I’m excited to see if that has helped

Other then that it’s Sunday Self-care day.. is that a thing for people? Normally for me that means food shopping, laundry, tidying up the house, preparing for the week and any misc personal self-care things; it’s sort of a reset for the week ahead.

Like I mentioned in my last personal post I have been working on personal development hardcore for the past couple years with self-care being a cornerstone of that. Most of my life I worked and totally ignored my self-care and it wasn’t until recently that realized that is a recipe for serious health problems.. Well I have to go for now, I’ll pick this up later. 🙂

By Donald

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