It’s a new morning! This morning I rummaged through my notes box and pulled from it “daily practices for peace”.

I found when I do these daily practices my day and overall life is more magical. I’ll list these 5 practices and quickly describe what I do for each of them.. let’s go!

1. Meditation (be the Observer)

The key is being the observer. I sit in a quiet spot, close my eyes and for a few moments I quiet my mind. Once my mind is quiet I visualize myself from a 3rd party perspective. And depending on what my intention is I can send myself healing energy, zoom out and see the journey ahead of me or whatever else I want to do. It’s when I zoom out and visualize myself from a 3rd party perspective that I can see what was previously hidden. And the more I practice this the easier it becomes to see things from this neutral perspective and in doing so this allows me to more consciously respond to situations instead of react to them which is key to learning from them and leveling up (growth).

2. Live in the Now (present moment)

We create our reality through our attention and thoughts. When you are thinking about something, you are creating it in the morphogenetic field. And if you add a lot of emotion to it you are vibrationally altering your state of being.. meaning you are tuning yourself to it and attracting it.

This is great for manifesting but for harmony it’s better to focus on the present moment, not the future or past.

Focus your attention on the present moment.

Where attention goes, energy flows

If you get pulled out of the present moment, observer it from a neutral perspective. Unprocessed emotions are often what pulls us from the present moment. These unprocessed emotions can be triggered which launches our attention into them.. observer that emotional reaction, give it your attention from a neutral perspective, bring it out of the shadow and it will dissolve.

3. Audit Your Actions and Habits

Are your habits positive? Habits that produce peace in your life? This is a time to audit your habits and actions and ask yourself how you feel about them.. are they producing peace? Can you add more positive habits and get rid of some less positive habits?

This is key to keeping you in the present moment. Often times we have habits or do things that distract us and drain our energy. Social media is a big one, especially if what we are paying attention to is draining our energy and focusing our attention on negative things. Is it worth it? Nah man..

This is a time to audit your habits and actions.. as you go throughout your day write down what you do from moment to moment for a week and how you feel throughout the day. What things produced happiness and what things did not? The more things you can do that produce happiness the better.

At the end of the day your state of being is all that matters. You attract what you are and if you are unhappy, upset and angry you will attract more circumstances that match that vibration. I like to see reality as a frequency band of possibilities which I can tune myself into any possibility based on your state of being. Meaning the thoughts and emotions I put out vibrationally tunes me into the reality that represents that. Like a radio. When I turn the dial, the radio changes. When I turn the dial of the energy I put out, reality changes.

Most people are distracted and unconsciously tune into fear, control, separation, lack, etc and they get that and wonder why they are experiencing hell on earth.. it starts with their thoughts. And thoughts can be influenced by the distractions we have each day. What we can do is focus on positive habits and actions and be more mindful of where our thoughts are going.

4. Process Your Emotions (energy work)

This is powerful. At the end of the day what I like to do is practice gratitude. Let’s say I feel I had a bad day but when I reflect upon it and practice gratitude I find that my day was actually awesome! I take a few minutes and reflect back on my day and all the experiences I had and I say: “I am grateful for.. ” and list what happened. And as I say that I think of how that experience benefited me either through the lesson it taught, the feeling it gave me or whatever. No matter what happened I learn from it in one way or another.

Why is this reflection period so powerful? Because when we reflect and process the day’s events it doesn’t build up in our energy field (and our body) as unprocessed and won’t have to be triggered later on. If we had a very eventful day this is especially important.

If you have a lot of unprocessed experiences of the past then you may get triggered easily and have intrusive thoughts. Those intrusive thoughts come from those unprocessed emotions that are triggered. I had a TON of those until one by one I processed them through a series of different tools.

Compassion: This is simple.. when I have negative intrusive thought I know that is an unprocessed emotion and the fastest way to process it is to acknowledge the thought and say “I love you” to it. I take a moment, acknowledge the thought and send it compassionate energy via saying “I love you”. As I focus my awareness on it it dissolves. I transmute it into love. Sounds silly but try it.

Cognitive behaviour therapy (CBT): For those deep unprocessed emotions, this is where it’s helpful to use tools like CBT to identify the source, get a different perspective of the situation and replace it with more positive beliefs. I have used this tool for those deep childhood unprocessed emotions.

Shadow Work is very similar to CBT but more powerful as you see yourself from a 3rd party perspective experiencing the situation from childhood and you can heal it from that perspective, which impacts you here and now (because time is an illusion). When you heal your past, you heal you in the present moment.

As we go throughout the day we can pick up energy from others that lodge themselves into our fields. The funny thing about humans is they like to project their energy onto others without being aware of it.. this energy which if left uncleared can impact us and we start to read it as our thoughts and feelings. Energy is just a combination of thoughts and emotions into an energy packet. When a person prays they are projecting their energy outward as energy packets (thoughts + emotions). Make sense. A good practice at the end of the day is to clear these thought packets that don’t belong to you. Close your eyes and visualize your body as energy. And scan it for any energy packets attached to it. You can then clean up your field by plucking out these energy packets and sending them to the ground (to the core of Earth) and be transmuted into pure love. This is alchemy! We are turning low vibrational thoughts and energy into love and light.

What I like to do is simply stop what I’m doing, close my eyes and visualize anything stuck in my field drop away from my body. This is great to do in the shower at the end of the day. I visualize anything I picked up for the day dropping away from me and flowing down the drain. As I do that at the same time I visualize love and light energy pour into me from the top of my head downwards and fill up my body. I visualize myself radiating bright violet light. This whole process takes a couple minutes and then I go about my day.

5. Surrender

Lastly we get into a neutral state energetically. Instead of trying to force something to happen, we accept what is and let go of any insistence on a certain outcome. When we do this we allow things to manifest in the way that best matches our state of being.

Let’s imagine you and I.. we may want something similar but we are on our own journey of evolution so for you it may happen one way and for me it may happen another way.. we can’t insist on a specific way otherwise it’s like going against the current. We have to remember the universe will show us what we vibrationally match and we have to take that and use it to the best of our ability until we are ready to see something different.

As we accept what is, we use it to the best of our ability, then and only then are we ready for something different.

Have an intention for something but then fully drop any insistence to the outcome. As you do that you remove any resistance and allow it to flow to you easily and effortlessly. It may not look like what you wanted, but it could be a stepping stone in the right direction, use it to the best of your ability with the thought that everything is working in your favor.

Well this was fun!

As a personal note I am adding my physical notes I referred to as I wrote this post. πŸ™‚

By Donald

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